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The Australian Universities’ Review (AUR, formerly Vestes) is Australia’s oldest and most widely read refereed journal dedicated exclusively to higher education issues.

AUR is published by the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) to encourage debate and discussion about issues in higher education and its contribution to Australian public life, with an emphasis on those matters of concern to NTEU members.

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All staff employed in Australian higher education are eligible to join NTEU.

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AUR has been in continuous publication since 1958 and has a current distribution of 11,000, comprising 2,000 copies in hard copy, and 9,000 in soft copy (online e-mag).

The entire back catalogue is available in our Archive.

The Australian Universities’ Review began its life in 1958 as the Federal Council Bulletin, and was known as Vestes from 1958-1988. ‘The Australian Universities’ Review: A life (so far)’ by Simon Marginson, published in AUR vol. 50 no.2 (2009), follows the fifty-year history of the journal and reviews a number of themes and trends from that history.



Dr Ian R. Dobson has been the editor of AUR since 1 March 2008.

Ian is an honorary professional staff member at Monash University, and has been a small ‘c’ consultant since 2005. Past Australian clients have included several Australian universities, the Office of the Chief Scientist, the Australian Academy of the Humanities, the Australian Council of Learned Academies and the Australian Council of Deans of Science.

An administrative career in planning and statistics from 1971 to 1995 at RMIT, Melbourne and Monash preceded nearly ten years spent as associate to an erstwhile Monash Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor. He was awarded a Monash PhD on higher education equity policy and social mobility in 2004, has authored/co-authored about 80 published papers and book chapters, and has presented a similar number of papers at conferences in Australia, Europe and the USA. His research interests include access and equity, student fees, university funding, the so-called brain-drain, the ‘decline’ of science in Australian universities and academic/general staff relationships.

He spends some of each year in Finland and works casually as an English language reviser of PhDs, academic papers, policy documents and manuals. Clients have included Finland’s Universities of Helsinki and Tampere, Svenska Handelshögskolan and the Ministry of Education, and Norway’s higher education research body, NIFU Step.

His first foray into formal journal editing occurred in 1997 with the Journal of Institutional Research (1997–2002) and he edited the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management for the period 2000 to 2016.

Email: [email protected]


Editorial Board

Current members of the AUR Board are:

  • Dr Alison Barnes, NTEU National President
  • Professor Timo Aarrevaara, University of Lapland
  • Professor Jamie Doughney, Victoria University
  • Professor Leo Goedegebuure, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Jeff Goldsworthy, Monash University
  • Dr Mary Leahy, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Kristen Lyons, University of Queensland
  • Professor Dr Simon Marginson, University of Oxford
  • Mr Matthew McGowan, NTEU General Secretary
  • Dr Alex Millmow, Federation University Australia
  • Dr Neil Mudford, University of Queensland
  • Ms Jeannie Rea, Victoria University
  • Professor Paul Rodan, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Ms Cathy Rytmeister, Macquarie University
  • Mr Errol Phuah, CAPA National President

NTEU members interested in becoming involved with AUR should contact the Editor on [email protected].


Environmental Policy

Printers of AUR hold Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification, sourcing paper from certified merchants to complete the FSC Chain of Custody (CoC). FSC an international not-for-profit organisation that has developed principles and criteria to certify forests and, in turn, forest products such as paper to ensure that they are made from responsibly managed forests and that the interests of biodiversity, waterways, wildlife and commerce are considered.

Soft delivery

A soft delivery option is available to NTEU members. Instead of a printed version of the journal, you will receive an email notification that the latest issue is available online as either an e-mag or a PDF.

To choose soft delivery, members should login to the NTEU website. Under “Your Profile”, select “View Details”. In the “Publications and Communication Preferences” area, choose ‘soft delivery’ for AUR.



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