Contributor rules & style guide

Contributor rules

Please adhere strictly to the AUR Style Guide.

Contributors should send digital manuscripts as attachments in Word format to [email protected].

Manuscripts in this context refers to papers (comprising scholarly articles for peer review and opinion pieces), book reviews or replies and letter. Papers should be between 2,000 and 7,000 words, although longer contributions will be considered. Scholarly articles should be accompanied by an abstract that would not usually be longer than 150 words.

Scholarly articles are sent to a minimum of two referees, in accordance with Australian Government requirements for blind peer review.

The author’s full contact details should be provided at the start of the paper or review, including email address and telephone number. The editor renders papers ‘anonymous’ for the double blind peer review process. 

It is presumed that authors have followed the standard scholarly ethical practices involved in seeking to have their work published. Authors should take their lead from the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.


Book reviews

Book reviews should be sent to the Editor, [email protected].

Our policy is to review books dealing either with tertiary education or with matters pertinent to issues in tertiary education.

Book reviews should usually be between 200 and 1,500 words.

Please provide a digital image of the book cover, or a URL to a website at which one can be found.

Book reviews should be submitted as a single file, in 10pt Times New Roman, with document language set to <English – United Kingdom>.

Adjust spacing:

  • set Spacing Before and After to ‘0’
  • set Line Spacing to ‘single’

The layout of a book review should be:

  • <Caption> (devise a caption of a few words’ length: optional. The editor will happily devise one.)
  • <Book title> by <Given name> <Surname> (of author/s)
  • ISBN, Publisher, No. pages, Year of publication.
  • Reviewed by <Given name> <Surname> (of book reviewer)


Replies & Letters

AUR welcomes letters of response to articles published in the journal. We also encourage longer responses to articles.

Responses should be a maximum of 1,000 words, and should be received within a month after the publication of the journal so that they can be properly considered by the Board for the following issue.


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